About Me


My name is Kelly and this is my blog. The reason for the blog, is that it helps me create thinking space in my ‘noggin and allows me to logic things out by blabbing it all on here instead of boring people rigid in the ‘real life’. It’s your call to stick around and if not, I am quite happy rambling on alone…

What can I tell you about me… well the basics are, I am a wife, mother, step mother, business owner, ileostomist and I’m autoimmune. I come from Speke, in Liverpool, but now live in Telford, in Shropshire, where I have been happily, for the last 21 years.

Adventures of a Bag Lady will cover topics on being and becoming an ileostomist, auto immune disease and its many flavours; through to living with two hormonal teenage girls, one pre-pubescent Justin Bieber-eque manboy and a dictator of five year old. The odd post about being a teenage mum might crop up (yeah have that T Shirt too) Along with poems, songs and general ramblings. I can’t put this into a niche people and I don’t have time to write a squillion different blogs. I have allot going on and believe me, I need the free therapy of getting it out!

So please, tune in, comment, share or drop out.

Thanks for stopping by, nice to have you along x